German Electric Heating Central Scotland

In recent years, there’s been a shift towards installing electric heating in homes across Scotland. Electric heating systems offer benefits for anyone looking to live a more eco-friendly life.

Modern electric heating is incredibly efficient because electric systems convert almost all their energy into heat – that means there is less waste and more warmth for your home. If you are looking for electric heating installers in Fife, Edinburgh and Central Scotland, contact us today. We fit industry-leading German systems, engineered with precision for longevity and efficiency.

New German Electric Heating System

Electric heating is a friend to the environment – less fossil fuel is used to warm your home. This heating also pairs perfectly with renewable energy sources like solar panels; you could power your heating system using free electricity harvested from the sun! We want to make sure that people are warm and cosy at home. 

The radiators we supply all have an A++ energy rating which means they are at least 20% more energy efficient than standard A- rated appliances. Each + sign is the equivalent to an extra 10%. It’s another win for positive climate action.

Choice Of Electric Radiators

At The Eco Home we ensure that you receive the best electric heating options for your home. We can supply a range of radiators in several different sizes, shapes and colours. Modern electric heating is sleek, slimline and pleasing to the eye – forget about the outdated storage heaters of the past; new radiators have been designed to complement every room.

From tall hallway radiators to heated towel rails for the bathroom, you’ll find the ideal electric radiator for your decor choice.