Reliable Boiler Servicing

At The Eco Home, we recommend getting your boiler serviced every 12 months. An annual maintenance check is essential to keep your boiler running smoothly all year. Regular maintenance is also usually required to maintain warranties as well as help prevent system breakdowns and prolong the longevity of your boiler. 

Why Is Boiler Servicing Required?

Booking an annual service for your boiler keeps your home and loved ones safe. Potential risks like carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, explosions and fires can be avoided when your central heating is regularly checked by a knowledgeable gas engineer. 

Corrosion and potential boiler faults are also spotted early, before they cause a boiler breakdown. Prevention is better than cure, and regular boiler maintenance can help to avoid costly breakdowns and repairs in the future. Our engineers will point out any weaknesses so you can plan and budget for a repair before it becomes an issue. 

Keep Your Boiler Warranty Valid

New boilers come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but to keep it valid, annual servicing must be completed by a certified engineer. Our team is qualified and approved for gas boiler servicing – you can trust us for all your heating solutions.

Book your boiler maintenance with us. We arrive as scheduled to maintain your boiler properly.

What Is Covered By A Boiler Service?

We are experienced and qualified gas engineers who complete thorough boiler services to ensure your safety. We routinely carry out the following:

  • A test of all safety devices
  • A check to ensure the gas rate and burner pressure are correct
  • A flue gas a combustion analysis
  • All moving parts closely inspected
  • All electrical connections are checked
  • The case seal is inspected
  • Checks for spillage of fumes
  • A check of the safety and polarity of the electrics
  • Inspect for wear, tear, corrosion and imminent faults.

Boiler Serving For Your Peace Of Mind

You can trust us to turn up on time and fully equipped for the job. We complete your boiler service expertly, and then we leave your property neat and tidy. We provide documentation to prove the boiler service was completed for your records.